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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I also thought these "Armour of God" pajamas were so sweet. Do they make adult sizes?


Anonymous Donna said...

Hey Darren,
Just wanted to let you know that I faithfully check in on your blog.

9:57 PM

Blogger Brian the Mennonite said...

I'm always here too...but you knew that.

I hate the PJs though...sorry. :(

11:09 PM

Blogger Nathan D.F. said...

As an artist, Ive woken up countless times nearly impaled with pens and pencils I forgot to put away from 'last nights' drawing session.

I can only imagine the kind of waking experience these children (and some adults?) will have going to bed with sword, shield and full suit of Crusader style plated armor...

11:33 PM

Anonymous Dave Faulkner said...


Just discovered your blog through Jordon Cooper's. Anyone who quotes Mark Heard approvingly is fine with me!

These pyjamas, though: red cross on white background? Makes the kids look more like England football (a.k.a. 'soccer') supporters.

2:13 PM


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