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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Don't know if anyone reads this anymore. It's been almost 6 months. No excuses.

I am reading a book called "Not Quite what I was Planning". It's full of 6 word biographies by famous or not people. Some examples:

"My life's a bunch of almosts."

"3000 miles away from the truth."

"Girl loves Jesus. Girl loves boys."

"Quietly cultivating my inner Lynda Carter."

Wife: one; Degrees: two; Arrests: seven."

You get the idea. I'm wondering if anyone out there would venture to lay out their lives for us in six words. It's an excercise in vulnerability. You have to get to the essence. You can write more that one. Here's one of mine:

"What exactly should I be doing?'

let your inner thinker merge with your inner writer for a few moments, and see what happens.