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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Depression Discussion

I wanted to respond to a comment that was left here a few days ago. It's from someone named "Doug", and I'd ask you(the reader) to read it before you read my comments, as they won't make much sense otherwise. Also read Joyce's(kehlerhildebrand) comment right after that. She lets go here, and I laughed out loud when I read it. Thanks for jumping in, Joyce. There is much that you said well that I won't repeat.

Doug, as Joyce said, clinical depression is...well...clinical. It is like having a broken arm or a hernia. There is something physically wrong with the brain, and it needs to get fixed. That is what I suffer from (though not as badly as some). When you braek your arm, you go to the doctor, who does what he/she can to fix it. It's the same with depression. The doctor does what they can to fix it. THAT is what depression is; that and nothing else.

That being said, I know that sin can affect your psyche, and that needs to be dealt with too, through prayer and honesty before God. I, like everyone else I know, deal with sin. I love God, and want to follow him. Clinical depression has the tendancy to make that journey tougher, but I do what I can. Depression affects the way you think about your life with God, but it does not your life with God. They affect each other, but are not the same.

Third, I have to say that the approach you took to addressing me and this problem of depression is amazing and scary to me. Amazing because clinical depression is all over the place, probably with people you know and love. The approach you took with me was fairly condescending, and it seems to me that you need to do a little research so you know the facts on what you're talking about.Scary because you so easily threw out judgement and condemnation at me, thinking that my problem would somehow be fixed through that. There are others I know, suffering from depression, that would not be able to handle your words, and, if you were to have written to them, you could end up driving them deeper into it instead of helping them. The most surprising part of your comment was calling the existance of my relationship with God into question. Doug, you don't know my heart, or anyone else's. Do you see how dangerous it is to "play God" and say that you know the hearts of people. It is not yours, mine, or anyone else's place to judge the heart of another. I would ask you to seriously think about that, not to apologize, but for the sake of others who will come across your path in the future who need you to really love them and not condemn them.

Doug, I'd be interested in hearing your comments (or anyone else's) on this.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Donald Miller Isn’t Hip: a gospel for people tired of trying to be cool

This headline hit me. There is way too much "cool" (or at least trying to be) in my own life, and in the church, too, I think. it takes so much effort and energy to keep up that appearance. I see my kids dealing with it, and I just want to say "STOP!! Don't get sucked into the game." It's a game that I got sucked into a long time ago, and getting out is hard. Miller is on the right track, and his writing reflects it. If you haven't had a chance to read his stuff, do yourself a favour and go buy one of his books. I only wish that he could publish one about every 48 hours, so I could finish one and go get another. But beyond that, there are ideas about being real and honest about who you are that we as Christians give lip-service to, but don't actually want because we'll look bad, or have less fun (we think), or not be famous, or something...

Just my opinion, so check it out for yourself.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

He who saves one person saves the whole world. - Jewish Talmud

Monday, May 01, 2006


Thanks so much to all of you who have commented and written over the last couple of days. I am thankful for your prayers and thoughts. As many of you know, I have been battling this for about 5 years. One thing that I neglected to make clear in the last post is that I have been on medication for the last 5 years. I just switched from Effexor to Celexa, each of which have their own unique side-effects. They have helped me cope fairly well, but there are cycles to the whole thing. So I have taken that step, as well as seen two different counselors during that time.

There are times when I wonder about what has specifically brought me to this place in life. My past thoughts about myself havea lot to do with it. It is difficult to stop listening to the voices that have been condemning you for many years. I go through cycles of ability to believe what is true or the tapes that seem to have been playing in my head my whole life. The meds help with this, and for that I am thankful.

Aside from meds, what do you do personally to keep yourself balanced and well? Music? certain authors? Meditation? Just curious, that's all!