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Monday, May 15, 2006

Donald Miller Isn’t Hip: a gospel for people tired of trying to be cool

This headline hit me. There is way too much "cool" (or at least trying to be) in my own life, and in the church, too, I think. it takes so much effort and energy to keep up that appearance. I see my kids dealing with it, and I just want to say "STOP!! Don't get sucked into the game." It's a game that I got sucked into a long time ago, and getting out is hard. Miller is on the right track, and his writing reflects it. If you haven't had a chance to read his stuff, do yourself a favour and go buy one of his books. I only wish that he could publish one about every 48 hours, so I could finish one and go get another. But beyond that, there are ideas about being real and honest about who you are that we as Christians give lip-service to, but don't actually want because we'll look bad, or have less fun (we think), or not be famous, or something...

Just my opinion, so check it out for yourself.


Blogger Brian the Mennonite said...

Great nod in Miller's direction, Darren. I've read all four of his books, and all four are awesome. No B.S. and no bowing to conventional Christian publisher's expectations. I guess he does in a way, because what he writes, sells, and I guess publishers like that...but it's only selling because people are really ready for the content, which is also well written.
I've become a more peaceful human after absorbing his words.

1:49 PM

Blogger Jonathan Erdman said...

I kind of liked Miller's comments as well.

In my mind we should be constantly communicating with our culture, but we should never look to "make" Christianity something that our culture will accept, i.e. making Christianity "cool" or making Christianity easy, etc. I guess it is a fine line between having a conversation with your culture and beginning to be of the mind that "Hey, if that's what your looking for you can find it in Christianity!"

3:02 PM

Blogger dan said...

i haven't read any full books that donald has written (perhaps because he was the cool guy to read at one point and I tend to resist that too I guess), however, I did see 'blue like jazz - live' earlier this year and really enjoyed it.

maybe i'll pick up a copy now that he isn't so hip and cool on the top 10 christian book charts (or is he??)



6:18 PM

Blogger Joyce said...

Darren- I'm with you on the 48 hour idea. Once I get the sound of his voice in my head, I just want it to go on.

7:00 AM

Blogger Joy said...

I've read 2 of his books... GREAT STUFF... To Own A Dragon should be subtitled: A Male Manifesto. Every man in America, Christian or otherwise, should read this!!

1:49 PM


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