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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Just over two weeks in the new job, and this weekend I'm totally exhausted. I didn't think this would happen this soon, but the toll is heavy on me. I still think this is where I need to be, but the immensity of the task and the circumstances I often find myself in are tiring. I work alone most of thie time, and am still building a group of people around me to talk to when I need to see a familiar face. I've met so many new people in the last two weeks. Some of them are not the people one's parents would normally approve of, and that has it's own kind of weight. I don't think I'm being judgemental of those in correctional facilities. In fact, that is one of my characteristics that drew me to the job. But when you spend hours at a time in an environment where there is people who are so obviously broken and have caused so much pain to others, there seems to be a weight in the air that I am breathing in, and after a while, it chokes you. I know I will get used to this, but for now, that is the way it is.

I miss working in a place where there are familiar faces to greet you in the morning. I am the only one in my office, so I feel quite isolated at times. I am thankful that I have a group of friends that I can get together with. Most of these are from church, and some are still on staff, which has made it a bit hard, but still much better than nothing.

One of the 'benefits' of the new job is that there seems to be a strong tie between people in different parts of the country that work with ex-offenders. I have not met many of them yet, but I participated in a conference call last week with members of an organization called COSA, which helps sexual offenders cope on the outside. Through the conversation that I listened to, there was a lot of love and sympathy for those who were going through tough times, and a bond to help each other with whatever they were dealing with. I loo forward to meeting and getting to know these people, and those like them.

So I'm fairly stressed overall, but hoping that God will once again come through and give me what I need for each moment. I am involved in an all-day staff meeting with MCC tomorrow, and I look forward to hearing about the many ways they are making a difference in this world we call home.


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Blogger Brian the Mennonite said...

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