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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alive and Kickin'

It looks like it's time for the first official update since my surgery, which was 8 days ago.

First, the surgery was a success. Everything went as it was supposed to, and doctors and nurses during that time were very good, at least according to those closest to me.I have vague images of the ICU, but I hear that I was fairly funny. I am wondering about becoming addicted to valium and taking it on the road.

The week in the hospital is a bit of a blur. One of the factors that one doesn't think of unless you've been through it is the effects of anesthesia. That stuff can do a number on you like you would not believe. If you have been under it, you know. I had panic attacks and - dare i say - hallucinations of the not kind or fun variety. That seems to have subsided now, thankfully.

I came home on Friday,and although it seemed too fast for me, I think it was good for me to do that. It is good to be back with Sherryl and the kids, although their lives haven't slowed down for a minute. Last night was the first decent sleep I've had, which has been frustrating.

My incision is amazingly clean, and the scar won't be too noticable at all after the gray chest hair grows back in. My sternum is sore - obviously, but I guess I've adapted somewhat to the pain. I think I feel better than I thought I would, and that is a wonderful surprise.

Thanks to so many of you for your thoughts and prayers. They have made all the difference over the last weeks - I am convinced of that. Thanks also to the many of you who have visited, called and sent emails. Although I can't answer them all, I am very thankful for them.

If you'd like to call, please do. We are screening our calls a bit, only for time and because of my energy, but feel free to leave a message. If you live around here and would like to stop in, please phone first to make sure it's a good time.

Take care.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


So good to hear that all went well with your surgery and that you're already home and on the mend. Keep on taking real good care of yourself and you'll be back to 100% in no time!

~ Joy ~

1:09 AM


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