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Monday, December 19, 2005

From "Out of Ur"

This idea also comes from Henri Nouwen, which I believe I posted about a few days ago.

Erwin (McManus)said that the church tries too hard to be relevant. He expounded that the word in itself implies that someone else has already arrived or done something; that anyone thereafter must link or join to. Anyone after the first has to also find ways to add on some value to the foundation already built. He said that the church (who has all of the power of Christ, and inherently the ability to do anything in God’s will) should never try to be relevant. Instead the church should be setting the curve for the culture to follow. Wouldn’t it be great if the church was doing so many great things that the culture took notice and was in hot pursuit to add on to what we were doing? I agree: Jesus was not relevant, he was real, he was revolutionary. He was not connected to anything else, except the Father, and that is what made him so much more than anything that was, or is, relevant.


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