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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Soldiers in the Army of God

Just watching a documentary on a group that calls for the murder of abortion doctors and others they deem are responsible for the deaths of unborn babies. The abortion issue aside, these people have some very strange ideas about who God is and what he asks of his followers. They quote the OT in regards to what should happen to those who perform/support abortions, and yet there is no call for grace and love, which I believe is central to the heart of who God is. There is a lot of confusion and misleading happening. Paul Hill is a hero to them, and he was convicted of killing an abortion doctor in 1994.

If you google "army of god", you'll easily find their website. I don't want to link to it, as there are very graphic images on it.

What I don't understand is how they are blind to their own predicament. They kill in order to stop killing. I know that this has been an ongoing debate for years, but this film strikes be as unbelievably sad.


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It was nice to hear your guitar pickin' at church Wednesday evening!

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