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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Thoughts on Dennis Miller

I'm watching a stand-up comedy show with Dennis Miller. I like him for a couple of reasons.
1. He's Smart...smarter than me. I try and keep up with him, and succeed about 43% of the time.
2. He makes me nervous. Because of #1, i think there's truth to what he says, and he doesn't hold back. I don't agree with quite a bit of what he says, and his irreverence makes me cringe sometimes, but he makes me think; gives me a different point of view with intelligence and dark humour. (I think that's the only way I can take it sometimes.)

I used to let the nervousness get the best of me, and I would turn the channel when that sort of thing came on TV, but no more. I need to listen, to not stick my head i the sand and be scared. I am scared too much of the time. So I start with Dennis, and hopefully move on from there.

By the way, I would have linked to Miller's site, but it is WAY out of date.


Anonymous gary said...

Dude check out The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Comedy Channel

12:01 AM

Blogger Brian the Mennonite said...

I've had the same feeling as you Darren when I've watched this guy. I've imagined myself trying to match wits with him and end up feeling stupid. I like your honesty.

2:29 PM

Anonymous RJSteve said...

I read an column written by Dennis in the Wittenberg Door a few years ago in which he said that he considers himself a Christian. Interesting.

7:47 AM


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