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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tough, true words from Scott Williams

many pastors believe, down deep, that they are the first among equals.

it's a subtle, subconscious thing. we preach our entire lives about how we are one, how we are all equal in god's sight, though down deep we feel 'called'. we understand that people notice us. at pastor's conferences we joke about how pastors used to be powerful - and secretly yearn for the days when our words were taken more seriously. outwardly we truly believe that we are only one part of the body, though inwardly we know better.

you are sheep. sheep need to be told what to think. you never seem to get so much of what we are trying to tell you. we are higher on maslow's pyramid than you are. week after week we leave frustrated that so many of the congregation is not growing, is not learning, is content to bleat. at minister's retreats we strategize how to motivate you lazy people. we complain and gossip about your shortcomings. we bemoan how hard it is to equip you to "do the work of ministry".

i was wrong but not completely guilty. i was put on a pedestal and though i knew better i let it happen. i wore my humility like a crown and by pointing out how i was one of you, i showed how i was not.

I worked in churches for ten years. I am still in a "ministry type" position. I deal with this in my own heart all the time, and I've seen it in others. The church likes people who seem to know what they're talking about, and there are those of us who are more than glad to fill the position. Sad co-dependancy at it's most religious. If we are all the same from God's view, then we all need to start acting like it, and that starts with the religious leaders, perhaps the pharisees of the day, in this case.


Blogger Jason Silver said...

I can't resist saying something.

Though we obviously need to be fighting arrogance and conceit in our hearts, the scripture does tell us that more is expected of those in leadership.

We aren't better, but we're different.

It is our place to rouse the hearts of fellow sheep. We will not be judged by God in the same way the rest of the sheep are judged. More is expected of us, and there is more on the line.

Leaders need to be brave enough to lead. I so often see leadership innoculated by socialist peerism. God does call some to lead others, and we need not apologize for having insights into spurning others to more effective ministry.

8:18 AM

Blogger Cathy said...

I laughed when you and I were together and the question of communion elements was raised by an older lady. Because you were a pastor she believed when you said that it would be ok to used cubed bread instead of wafers. Meanwhile I was on a Communion Preparation committee for years, and my opinion didn't count! Good thing you don't let this go to your head more.

8:58 AM

Anonymous Doug said...

The great fear of anyone with a title in front of their name or a degree after their name is that others will find out who they really are and that they don't know what they are talking about. Seems we all feel like a fraud and then compensate for it by convincing ourselves with our high sounding "biblical" beliefs.

10:30 PM


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