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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Life in the slow lane...

The last few weeks actually haven't been that slow. Besides the regular kids, yard stuff, there have been some interesting days. I was at a funeral a week ago today; my wife's 54 year old uncle died of kidney failure after drinking hard for a long time. He lost his job a number of years ago, and never really recovered from that. Although the funeral focused on the good in his life, I knew that there was much more that wasn't being said, as I'm sure will happen at most of our funerals. However, there was a note of desperation throughout, and it was difficult to read between the lines.
I also found out that my uncle was just diagnosed with lung cancer; he's one of the most health conscious people I know.

I some times wonder about the life I have had working in the church. Now that I am unemployed and looking for work, I have realized how unemployable I am outside of the church. I have never made a lot of money, and I didn't really expect to, but I have not been able to support my family through the jobs I have had, and that is frustrating.

Today was my son Dylan's 9th birthday party. Nine boys over for an evening of rowdiness, sugar, and laughter, It went fast and it went well.

I also just discovered a little program on my computer called Windows Movie Maker. I love the idea of making movies, videos, etc. and although I really know nothing about it, I mess around with it unitl I figure it out. We need to upgrade our computer equipment a bit, but the possibilities that are available with relatively cheap technology are amazing


Anonymous cousin derrick said...

Darren - i stopped by your blog again today. looks like lots has happened - leaving the church, trip to mexico, kids birthdays. i appreciate your candour (sp??) in the blog, and find myself agreeing with you a whole lot. drop me an email sometime ( and we can perhaps connect via email/phone to catch up on each other's lives. in the meantime, thanks for sharing your life with us all. dk

10:25 AM


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