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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Job Search

For anyone who cares, I am looking for a job. Not in the 'pastoral' field (for right now), but a "9-5" job that doesn't take much brain power. Something like a janitor. Or something with computers or research. That would be okay too. I don't need to start right away, but if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who...


Blogger Cathy said...

I offered to write some school papers for Jackie for cheap, and figure I can kick some money your way if you help with research. Now if she can just overcome her nasty ethical bend, we'll be fine!

10:20 PM

Blogger Sherri said...

As I read your post a thought came to mind. Have you considered talking with someone in the religious studies department at the U of S about whether they are ever looking for research assistants, that sounds like something that would fit with your criteria and possibly be interesting for you. There are possibly quite a number of opportunities at the U of S in the areas you've listed.

Here's a link but I know that the web isn't always the most up-to-date information and sometimes there are more opportunities if you go talk to a particular department or work area.

Hope this helps!

9:51 AM

Anonymous David L. said...

Hi Darren,
I bumped into this blog a little while ago through the awesome power of Google (one of those situations where you google your own name, get creeped out, and then wonder who else you can find from the old days.) I can relate to the job search problems. I am finishing school with no connections, no prospects, a family, and a lot of debt...Emasculation galore.

Have you considered ta-ing courses at Athabasca University-the correspondence university in Alberta? Also there are a few seminaries on the UofS campus-St. Andrews, others that I can't remember-that might be hiring even if openings aren't posted on-line, or you could apply to be a dean/residence supervisor (though you may have to be a student for that, I don't know).

There is also a methodist church looking for an associate pastor in Ontario: Also maybe check out lists some jobs, though most are not really blue-collar and the pickings in Sask are a bit slim at times. There are also a world music stores out there (Long and McWade, St. John's, H-E-L-L Music, even Tramps-though I remember it being a bit seedy in my day). There are also stores like Village Green, 10,000 Villages, etc.
You may have thought of all of this stuff already too.
Good luck.

12:44 PM


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