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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Report from Cancun

We've been back for over a week, and it feels like we were never there. I hate that about holidays. Reality hits way too quickly. BUt let me say this...the trip was amazing (95%), and sucked (5%). The part that sucked was that we had a couple of things ripped off from one of our bags that was in storage in a baggage room the day we left. It could only have been one of the staff that did it. We lost a cellphone and a silver ring that I had just bought two days before. We are trying to get the insurance thing going, but there were so many people robbed during the time we were there that I'm sure the mgmt. just turned off the phone, so to speak. In the last three days we were there, we heard about 6 other people who were robbed; one room had $700 US stolen. We were all pretty sure it was hotel staff. If you make a trip to Mexico, don't take anything you don't want to part with. Jewelery, electronics, etc. The good news (at least for us) was that they didn't take our video camera, other jewelery that were in the same bags. It's as if they wanted to be nice thieves, and not cause us too much problem. HELLO!! We won't be staying in that hotel again. It's called Solynar; was rated a 4 star on their site, but I'd give no more than two.
If you are going on a trip to some resort, do yourself a favour and check out Trip Advisor. There are reports there from all kinds of places where people holiday, and you'll get the reality of what a place is like. If we had done this, we probably would have chosen a different resort.

On to the good stuff. Cancun is a great place to go. The people are friendly...well, most of them. The town and the atmosphere is wonderful. We did an all-inclusive, so we ate a lot at the hotel, and the food was okay, although some didn't like it. We met a few people who ate out at some average places and said they paid a lot for crappy food. You gotta dish out the bucks for really good food.

We spent a lot of time on the beach, and if you are looking for a place to kick back, I recommend Cancun. You can do as much or as little as you want. We didn't go to the Mayan ruins, but many people said they were great. We did go on a one-day tour of Isla Mujures, did some snorkeling, and relaxed, much like the rest of the week.

The highlight for me was the ocean. Many people have talked to me about swimming in the waves, how great is it...blahblahblah. Well, I found out that it's all true. I love the ocean.

I would recommend this to anyone who can do it. It's not as expensive as youmight think if you book on the internet. We'll go back.


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