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Friday, April 01, 2005

Found this poem today...'s one of those little pieces of paper that has been following me for many years, always showing up in a box or folder of some sort. Anyway, I read it today and thought there might be something in it for some of us, so here we go...

I notice
that I am vulnerable
to death
and that sheds light on me.

The ground disappears from under my feet
when I feel strong.
I become weak, yet strong
when I have nothing to lose.

I sacrifice my senses
but regain them,
transformed by going under
in fear and need.

Fear saves me from contentment,
in which I fall asleep and die.
Need creates in me the search for more,
which makes me rich.

In opening myself to hurt
tears become solid rocks,
and from the wounds we share
strength flows to all.

Relying on the power of his stroke
the swimmer will sink;
while struggling to survive
the sinking one will learn to swim.


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