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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Snow in Saskatoon today.

I had an idea about writing my own bible. (It's not as heretical as it sounds.) IO want to compile and write/draw my own record of God alive in me. Both the creating and the remembering are important, and I want to see what this has to say about the real me, wherever he is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Doesn't sound heretical in the least, but then that's coming from me. :) One definition of God that I keep in mind is 'God is the energy with which we create.' One of the handful of ways that I know of to become more in touch with the spirit of God is to give yourself to the process of creating something. One of the few things we "know" about God is that God is big on creating. ;)


10:50 AM

Blogger Jordon said...

Will there be a "Book of Coop"?

8:26 PM


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