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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Version 3.0

Welcome to Version 3.0 of Darren Friesen's weblog and personal web site. Improvement's include:
  • Written in CSS which makes for faster load time.
  • Now indexed by Google. You can search this site at any time from the Blogger Navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  • E-mail This Post feature. Click on the envelope to send my best posts to anyone's e-mail address. A great way to show your boss/spouse/friends how well read you really are.
  • New blogs on the blogroll. Both local and international. The blog's staff travelled the world to find the best of the blogs and I now have them here for you.
  • Some titles will be clickable which will take you to the article that I am referencing.
  • Integrated comments.
  • One click buttons to add my blog to My Yahoo! or Bloglines (how cool is that?)
The fun doesn't stop here. More features are coming in the near future.


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